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About me and this blog

Welcome, welcome.

The purpose of this blog is to sell photographs, but wait, don’t leave just yet.

That is not the only purpose.

Maybe it will end up just being the reason why this blog started. You see, I believe happiness can be learned. I also believe it must be sought and practiced. And I believe all this can be transmitted, so I pretend to share my view of life, my reflections, and the way I manage to lead a happy life. Maybe it will help others, maybe others will help me. Who knows, uh?

The way I pretend to play the game is using photographs as inspiration. Images are just images if they are devoid of meaning but, if we relate them to something, they grow much more meaningful to us. If reading these thoughts, mine and hopefully those of the people who agree and disagree, you feel like taking a look at my pictures and buying a 100″ canvas, I will sure be glad as a kid with a jar of marbles. However, if you read and share your reflections but never buy a single greeting card I will be happy too.


Persevere 2. The sea turtle, relentless seeker.

Persevere 2. The sea turtle, relentless seeker.


I have been taking part in forums and chats for many years and have shared thoughts with lots of people. I have found some of them to connect with my ideas and have been  asked  to share them in an orderly fashion. My friends tell me I am a good listener and that I have a nice way to see things and explain myself. I do not know if all that is true but it is  time my personal reflections got their own home. So here we are.

I like to take pictures and have them printed  but I believe that what we hang on our walls needs to be more than just beautiful. The images we chose have to  be meaningful. They can be soothing, encouraging, calming, inspiring… they can be lots of things, but not just nice.

Inspiring thoughts and Images is a blog about meaningful pictures connected to ideas that actually dress our walls and  minds. Images we like to look at, but that we appreciate even more when we talk about them or let our minds wander where they may take us.

Weston Westmoreland

This was taken in Dubrovnik, in 2007. My temples are slightly whiter, but otherwise I have not changed much.

Who am I to share my reflections?

Well, my name is Weston Westmoreland, I am nobody, and that makes me free. I am an engineer born in 1972, married, have two little devils. I speak three languages, have traveled some and my defining feature might be my curiosity. I hand-draw since I was a kid and drawing is a wonderful way to look at things in detail, to actually see them. Photography is an extension of this. I have always loved to look at things, see them, and think about what I see. I spent a few years on my own and I enjoy being by myself. I have lots of hobbies but I am not too good at any, because I want to learn a little of everything. Besides, it is not the final result that I seek, it is the process.

I have always lived around dogs and I own a boxer I love even when she tries to fart-kill me systematically, I have discus fishes, a cat, newts, tadpoles, salamanders, carnivore plants, orchids, and lots of other creatures, from birds to praying mantis. I love assembling scale model vehicles, movies, TV series,  I am a bad padel player, a mediocre soccer player and a slow trail runner. I run trails in all weather conditions because I love nature and because it is a fundamental part of my mind balance. That is quality time to let my soul wander. I enjoy spending time with my friends and love long conversations that start in the evening and stretch into the small hours.  Ah, I even played (badly) in a minimalist rock band, sang till it rained, and I love to read. If I have to pick one single hobby, that’s reading. Only reading is not just a hobby, it feeds the soul. I am nobody particularly special, but I am me. Well planted on both my feet.

I have not led a hard life. Lacked nothing, good education, food on my plate, clothes, toys, family love, friends… There is nothing special about my life. My father made me curious, made me love nature and books, my mother gave me languages. I had been through what I thought were low times and then lived through some five dark years when my father died and my family collapsed around his absence. I was 23 and lived on my own for the most part of those years. I could have sunk into darkness, but instead I learned to think the right way.

When I came out the other side I realized my father had taught me his last lesson. It was a hard one and I would change it for my father’s company anytime, but life is as it is, so I try to make the most of it. And the lesson was rich. My father had taught me what is relevant and what is not, he had taught me that all dawns are the same but different, that problems are usually just as big as we make them and that in fact they are just an early stage of what we later call  achievements. He taught me to love, to forgive, and to seize the day. He taught me that every single day, every single moment is precious and that taking what we have for granted is the fastest way to unhappiness. He taught me that nothing I will ever achieve will have meaning if I have nobody to share it with, be it my wife, my sons, my friends, whoever.

I believe the most important thing I will do in my life is rise my children, and that  the key to happiness  lays in valuing the little ordinary things we only appreciate when they are gone. I know life can deliver terrible blows, but that most of the times our satisfaction as human beings depends on our perspective and determination. I think that misery comes mostly from despising what we have. I believe happiness can be learned. All these thoughts have given shape to the phrase that is, if any, my life motto.




So, that is what this blog is about. About learning and practicing happiness actively. About making the most of this one and only life we have been given.

And, of course, about selling pictures. 🙂







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